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The Beams Owners Group website does not sell parts.  The parts listed below are for informational purposes only.  If you need help finding one of these parts, feel free to join the forums and ask there.


Sard Air Filter



C-One Timing Belt



Kayza Throttle Bodies

Custom 3S-GE Beams Redtop Parts

Please contact Glenn - gbooth at bigpond.net.au for more information


Not all items are kept in stock, some orders might take a few weeks to fullfill as the parts will need to be produced.  These parts are new in box.


Billet Cams

Lift = 13mm

Duration - 257

Intake Cam is VVT-I enabled



Valve Springs

Made for the Custom Cams Above to suit the 13mm lift



Cast Throttle Bodies

Sizes offered in 45, 48, and 50mm (52mm also offered for the 2JZE Guys)



Custom Independent Throttle Body Adapter

Offered in 45mm, 48mm, and 50mm

Made by TRD




Size = 86mm, 86.5mm, and 87mm

Compression Ratio = 12.8 to 1

Rings Included

Wrist Pins Included

Tech Info Included



Forged Rods

8mm longer than Standard Rods

Rod Ratio = 1.7

ARP Rod Bolts included


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